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The Campaign

After three months of work, we are finally launching the Cville Artists Marketplace website. To celebrate, we are hosting a launch fundraiser to help support the work we have done so far. We are aiming to get support from 100 Donors in the community, and each of these first 100 will be listed on the website as a Local Art Hero. THE FIRST 20 DONORS will receive a limited “ART HERO” T-Shirt, even if they donate just $5. (All donations of $50 will also receive a t-shirt.) T-Shirts will be designed and hand-printed by a local artist who will be paid straight from this fundraising.


Charlottesville Artists Marketplace is a passion project we started earlier this year to help our fellow artists in our Cville community. The goal was to create a unified space with three primary functions:

  1. Listing Local Art for Sale
  2. Providing Paying Gigs for Local Artists
  3. Surfacing Local Art-Focused Events

Our group doesn’t have any formal Website Development education or really any tech background whatsoever. We just wanted this support for the art community to exist, so we are going to make it exist.

How we will use these donations

The donations will be used for these main things:

  1. Monthly Website Operation Costs
  2. Purchasing an advanced Event Aggregator to better manage our community events page
  3. Paying a local artist to print the ART HERO T-shirts
  4. Compensating our local website designer for the hours they’ve put in
  5. Starting a budget for our own Open Calls for local artists

If you are interested in supporting this and future projects from Charlottesville Artists, please give what you can today. If you would like to donate more than our default donation options, please reach out to us directly at