See the art.

Charlottesville Artists was originally launched as a digital directory for all the working artists in the local area. Up-to-date galleries of who is creating what helps keep local businesses apprised of the art scene. This leads to more connections, collaborations, and investment in the arts.

Buy the art.

CVAD quickly expanded into an online marketplace helping local artists become financially independent. CVAD charges no subscription service to be an active vendor on the site, and takes 20% commission on all sales. Since one of our biggest ideologies is to not take money from artists, we have the ability for customers to voluntarily pay 20% extra on all art bought through the site. This ensures that the artists do not need to raise their prices just to get what they think their art is worth.

Hire the art.

Time after time we’ve seen creative and artistic gigs in the Charlottesville Area being shopped out to out-of-towners. These non-local artists are amazing to be sure, but there are plenty of diamonds in the Cville rough waiting for their chance to exhibit their style. Motivating local businesses to invest in the local artists is one of the biggest drivers behind the development of this site.

Learn the art.

We believe artistic exploration is key to human development, and study after study continues to back this. This website helps surface Art Classes for children and adults alike, many run right out of the living rooms of the artists’ homes.

Share the art.

This project was undertaken to help light a fire under artists and art lovers. Outside of bringing financial balance to the life of a working artist, our platform is for connecting people. Please use this website to collaborate, inform, inspire, and melt into the beautiful artistic community that surrounds us.

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